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"But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in battle, shall join together at the latter day and cry all 'We died at such a place;' some swearing, some crying for a surgeon, some upon their wives left poor behind them, some upon the debts they owe, some upon their children rawly left. I am afeard there are few die well that die in a battle; for how can they charitably dispose of any thing, when blood is their argument? Now, if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king that led them to it; whom to disobey were against all proportion of subjection." (Henry V, Act V, Scene 4)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ronald Reagan's Records

Ronald Reagan's Records

1. First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation

2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years

3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of gdp over eight years

4. First to double the deficit in just eigh t years

5. First to “almost”: triple the national DEBT in just eight years

6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%--over 8 years.

7. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.

8. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.

9. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.

10.First to over value the dollar to the yen at rate of 262 yen to 1 dollar.

11.First to have served as Governor and increase STATE SPENDING by 112%

12.First to have HOME LOAN INTEREST RATES as high as 16%

13. First to CUT TAXES by 60% for his rich pals

14. First to allow the SAVINGS AND LOAN INDUSTRY to be raided after signing a deregulatory bill
and proclaiming “I think we have hit the jackpot”. Come and get it the vaults are unguarded.

15. First to deal with TERRORISTS

16. First to send an AUTOGRAPHED BIBLE to a man he called “The Satan of Terrorists”.

17. First to have an ADMIRAL plead the Fifth Amendment.

18. First to have a stealing, lying, gutless wife abusing MARINE LT. COLONEL plead the Fifth Amendment.

19. First to have a “sitting” CABINET MEMBER INDICTED




23. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than CUMULATIVE TOTAL
OF ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS in the twentieth century

24. First to set a record for the LARGEST ONE DAY PERCENTAGE DECLINE in the DOW in history. 10-19-87

25. First to have over $10,000,000 INCREASE IN WEALTH from serving for 8 years as president.

26. First to testify ”under oath” 130 times that ”I DON’T REMEMBER” .

27. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory testify 128 times “ I DON’T REMEMBER”.

28. First to undergo BRAIN SURGERY a few months after leaving office. No pain no gain.

29. First to, repeatedly, FALSIFY HIS WIFE’S AGE. As tho anyone cared.

30. First to promote his religious faith and never have an ACTIVE CHURCH MEMBERSHIP.

31. First to never use the term JESUS CHRIST in speeches.

32. First to seek GUIDANCE FROM THE STARS not from God

33. First to have had a SHOTGUN WEDDING.

34. First to have worked as a SHILL in Las Vegas.

35. First to call a Stealing, Lying, Psychotic, wife abusing Marine a “LIAR.

36. First to have been OPENLY ALIENATED from his children.

37. First To have served with ALZHIMERS

38. First to have UNEMPLOYMENT AT 10.8% since great depression.

39. First to attack a small unprotected nation with 88,000 inhabitants and 10,000 bb guns then proclaim
-“America stands tall again”— “we have whipped the Vietnam Syndrome”-we have defeated communism”.
Gosh! What if we had whipped Cyprus?.




43. #1-In Percent increase in PERSONAL BANKRUPTCIES

44. #1-In recorded MISSTATEMENTS

45. #1-In never having a single press conference in which he did not make at least one or more INCORRECT STATEMENTS.

46. #1-In needing a staff person standby during press conferences to tell the press “WHAT HE REALLY MEANT”.

47. #1-In having SERVICEMEN KILLED during peacetime.

48. #1-In largest DROP IN POPULARITY in one week.

49. #1-In being first to HONOR NAZI STORM TROOPERS by calling them” Innocent Victims”

50. #1-In being first to be labeled “BRAIN DEAD AFFABLE DUNCE’ by this writer.

51. First to lie-over and over-to reporters “I DO NOT DYE MY HAIR my barber uses a special shampoo”

52. First to have a wife who ”forced” him to WEAR THREE SUITS in one day

53. First to boast “Not bad for a DUMB GUY who worked only 20 hours per week”.

54. First to have his wife sit nearby and WHISPER ANSWERS to questions

55. First to FALL ASLEEP while the Pope spoke

56. First to invite the Pope to visit the White House and “BRING THE WIFE AND KIDS”

57. First to have his press secretary remove him from the microphone because he could not answer questions.
Then, as the reporter yelled out “answer my question” he replied “MY HANDLERS WON’T LET ME SPEAK”.
Quick get the white coat.

58. First 20th Century president to have historians RATE HIM BELOW every president of the 20th except for Richard Nixon. 1994 Poll.

59. First to give us a First Lady with a past reputation for giving the BEST BJ in Hollywood.

60. First to suggest his eldest son undergo PSYCHIATRIC examination

61. First to have been voted in British polls (twice) as the ”MOST FEARED LEADER IN THE WORLD” sic em Rambo.

62. First to serve as Governor on a ”conservative” platform and INCREASE SPENDING BY 112%.

63. First Governor TO INCREASE personal income taxes by 60%, tax increase on cigarettes by 200%, state tax collections by 152%.

64. First to have a Special Assistant say on national TV “sometimes you had to HIT HIM ON THE HEAD with a 2 x 4 to get his attention”

65. First to have his official biographer state on national TV ‘After he was shot in 1981 he GOT SLOWER AND SLOWER EACH YEAR.
His speech got slower. He deliberated more and he hesitated more when he spoke. He lost his physical quickness and would not make
decisions on the spot. It was a very, very slow and steady mental and physical decline”.

66. First to have a POPULARITY RATING OF ONLY 35% after his first two years in office.

67. First president to have been DIVORCED

68. First president to have the Geriatrics Department of a major university study his behavior and conclude that

Monday, March 27, 2006

TBucklin - "Morning in America" Turns to Dusk

"Morning in America" Turns to Dusk

Mon Mar 27, 2006

Years ago some forgotten columnist called Ronald Reagan's success as president a triumph of style over substance. This assessment has hung around like cheap cologne for twenty years, covering up the stench of Reagan's duplicitous dealings. Ronald Reagan's great achievement was the discovery that Americans were tired of politics and would rather talk about soap operas than debate the complications of government policy and human affairs. Americans were fed up with feeling defeated: Nixon's disgrace, the smoky pall of Vietnam, disturbing social upheaval, OPEC jerking our economy around like a dog on a leash, and to top it off, the Iranian embassy disaster. Ronald Reagan found a way to reach out to the American public and calm their fears and revitalize their enthusiasm for the American way. He did it the old fashioned way. He did it with demagoguery.

Demagogue - a political leader who gains power by appealing to people's emotions and prejudices rather than their rationality.

While Reagan's buoyant popularity may have been a personal triumph for the man, it was nothing less than a tragedy for the country. Reagan made people smile and feel good while he gave away hundreds of billions of dollars of their money to bankers turned thieves, murdered uncounted Latin American men, women, and children in the name of democracy, cynically misrepresented his economic policies, and undermined the entire foundation of civic enterprise and government. And while he trampled the central principles of good governance, the president found that no one held him accountable to those principles as long as he mouthed optimistic platitudes about American virtue.

One of Reagan's best-remembered inanities was the "Morning in America" speech made during the 1984 presidential campaign. Who but the most pessimistic doom-mongering liberal would not be moved by the graceful and appealing simplicity of that vision? We emerge from darkness into the fresh dewy light of morning, all nightmares and demons purged, all that is past is left behind, we begin here, anew. President Reagan gave us permission to forget history and celebrate our innocence. We should just feel good about ourselves and our country. No thought, nor sacrifice required.

Sadly, what President Reagan drew as a sketch, President Bush has now crafted into his magnum opus. While Reagan complained about the folly of government, President Bush makes certain it is so. While Reagan flirted with deficit spending, Bush is married to it. Reagan mocked environmental laws; Bush bulldozes them. Reagan showed how having a dangerous foreign adversary makes the president popular, so Bush turned a small group of disorganized luddite Muslims into a global military threat, and started a war to prove it. Reagan tinkered with the limits of the law, Bush breaks them without batting an eye.

Morning in America has become dusk and we may be in for a very long night indeed.