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"But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in battle, shall join together at the latter day and cry all 'We died at such a place;' some swearing, some crying for a surgeon, some upon their wives left poor behind them, some upon the debts they owe, some upon their children rawly left. I am afeard there are few die well that die in a battle; for how can they charitably dispose of any thing, when blood is their argument? Now, if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king that led them to it; whom to disobey were against all proportion of subjection." (Henry V, Act V, Scene 4)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It all started with the Patriot Act and one lone senator

It all started with the Patriot Act and one lone senator

by Petercjack (dailykos)

Back when the momentum for getting into an ill-fated war and taking away our civil liberties was fashionable and voicing your opposition was considered treasonous, my great senator from the State of Wisconsin took a prinicipled stand, which few others dared make, let alone a United States Senator.

In a vote of 99 to 1 in the United States Senate, Senator Russ Feingold voted against the Patriot Act. He stated:

Protecting the safety of the American people is a solemn duty of the Congress; we must work tirelessly to prevent more tragedies like the devastating attacks of September 11th. We must prevent more children from losing their mothers, more wives from losing their husbands, and more firefighters from losing their heroic colleagues. But the Congress will fulfill its duty only when it protects both the American people and the freedoms at the foundation of American society. So let us preserve our heritage of basic rights. Let us practice as well as preach that liberty. And let us fight to maintain that freedom that we call America."

It was truly an heroic effort to remind all Americans of how this country came to be, and how fragile democracy really is. Can you imagine what it must have been like for him to vote against the Patriot Act in October 2001??!!!

Russ continued to be a minority voice throughout the entire debacle of the Iraq war and the supposed "War on Terror" to encourage us all to not let a few rabid individuals take control of our country and invite dictatorship. He had to continually remind people that President Bush was NOT King Bush.

Russ is now considering a run for President. He is mulling this over but it all depends on whether there is the energy and committment to support such a run. He will likely make a decision VERY SOON.

There is a pledge-drive effort to get Russ to run at I urge you all to sign up and pledge. Even if you are supporting another candidate or have reservations about whether he can win, please support this effort to get Russ into this race. WE NEED HIS VOICE OUT THERE FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS TO THE RUN UP TO 2008!!!. And with his reasoned voice and willingness to take a stand with ordinary American citizens, I believe it is entirely possible that he will have a shot, no one can predict how the 2008 presidential campaign will play out.


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