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"But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in battle, shall join together at the latter day and cry all 'We died at such a place;' some swearing, some crying for a surgeon, some upon their wives left poor behind them, some upon the debts they owe, some upon their children rawly left. I am afeard there are few die well that die in a battle; for how can they charitably dispose of any thing, when blood is their argument? Now, if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king that led them to it; whom to disobey were against all proportion of subjection." (Henry V, Act V, Scene 4)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jude Meche Letter 9/08/04

Dear Editor,
Though I doubt that September 8, 2004 will go down in memory as did September 11, today is nevertheless a solemn day for the United States. The major story on all of the news outlets is the 1,000th U.S. soldier’s death in Iraq. Along with 1,000 dead, NBC reports that there have been over 7,000 injured.
But what is most troubling to me today is not the number. Truth is, for quite some time now, we knew we would reach 1,000 dead. What troubles me is that I cannot think of those dead or injured troops without also thinking of the recent Republican convention and the Republican delegates’ disturbing attitude toward the sacrifices made by U.S. soldiers.
While the President reluctantly admits that there is no basis for discrediting John Kerry’s service in Viet Nam, the Republican delegates cavorted through the convention, sporting their "Purple Heart Band-Aids" in mockery of Kerry and—by extension—of every other veteran who received a medal. Apparently, the convention’s organizers saw nothing wrong with this puerile and adolescent display. Certainly, they did nothing to stop these displays of poor taste.
I am not sure if this foolishness bespeaks of indifference toward our soldiers’ sacrifices or if the delegates’ behavior reflects their utter callousness. Whatever the case, I found it all repugnant.
Having never actually served their country in combat, I have to wonder if George W. Bush and Dick Cheney truly understand what they have wrought with this unnecessary war against Iraq. I question their ethics and their morality.
And I hope that both men stocked up on those Purple Heart Band-Aids, because wearing those band-aids is as close to true valor as either man will ever come.
Jude Meche
Joplin, MO


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